The high-quality and superior performance of Berry Ace Zhuhai’s electroplating process has been underlined by a recent customer audit undertaken by GHSP and its end-customer Toyota.

In particular, the audit highlighted Berry Ace Zhuhai’s excellent technical abilities and quality management system which were said to be superior to other recognized Toyota suppliers.

The plating line at Berry Ace Zhuhai have been designed to meet a variety of complicated processes, including 2K Selective Plating, Satin Chrome, Trivalent Chrome and Black Chrome finishing. In-line water recycling means 65% of water can be reused, while a heat exchange system for the heating and cooling of the plating tank reduces electricity consumption. A comprehensive waste water treatment process ensures effective removal of contaminants to allow reuse of the water in line with the highest environmental standards.

On July 1st 2019, Berry Global Group, Inc. completed the acquisition of RPC Group Plc. 

RPC and Berry are a natural and synergistic fit, and the joining of our tow companies is truly transformational. The combined company will be able to provide customers with enhanced global value through an expanded wealth of knowledge, innovative technologies, and geographic footprint.

About Berry

Berry is a leading global supplier of a broad range of innovative flexible, rigid, and nonwoven protective solutions for consumer and industrial applications. With approximately 135 manufacturing locations in 13 countries, Berry is headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, United States.

"I am continuously impressed by the heritage RPC team, technologies, and products," said Jean-Marc Galvez, recently appointed President of Berry's Consumer Packaging International Division." I look forward to continuing to build on the momentum RPC has created over the years, and am honored to lead the Consumer Packaging International Division of Berry."

The combination of Berry and RPC creates a leading supplier of engineered products and one of the world's largest plastic packaging companies. Please be assured that the collective personnel of our combined organization will continue to operate with a strong focus on operational excellence, superior customer service, and the delivery of quality product to support your needs.

Together, we have:

  • Nearly 50, 000 team members
  • A shared commitment to safety, sustainability, the quality of our products, and delighting our customers
  • A focus on educating others about the benefits of plastics
  • A broad and diverse portfolio of products, with the ability to serve both large multi-national and small local customers efficiently
  • An unrivaled supply chain





Supplier Policy
ACE 禁止使用从刚果共和国和其相邻国家采购冲突矿产,并同时要求相关供应链上的供应商严格遵守此规则。