Art &Science of Possibilities


Your power components specialists- Ace’s consists of two separate elements: Art and Science. It is through the successful combination of these two elements that we will help you make the impossible, possible.

The science part of Ace includes latest technology and equipment. The artistic part includes full-service engineering and support from the earliest stages of conceptual product design. Drawing on years of molding and problem-solving experience. These two parts need to merge seamlessly for the creation of a successful world-class manufacture to take place.

Ace continues to capitalize its engineering “ know-how” in power connector manufacturing and its expertise in micromachining techniques.  We pride ourselves on the ability to make the most of flexible tooling options. Our top performance is base on the successful execution of every single step. “ Right the first time.”  We deploy numerous procedures and we process all manner of the technique connector materials. With properly designed tooling and processing, we are capable of producing parts with extremely tight tolerance.


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